Optimise your organisational change.

Featuring over 35 speakers, 27 hours of learning, 25 topics,14 masterclasses, 3 days, 2 networking sessions, an ideas marketplace and a digital showcase to engage learning after the event.

Convergence topics include: Leading change, Project management, New change methodology, Complexity, Resilience, Motivation, Collaboration, Digital change tools, Agile, Prosci, Change hacks, Innovation implementation, Neuroscience, Leadership research, Executive sponsorship, Future of change, Courage, Risk management, Stakeholder engagement, Culture, Business benefits realisation, Business analysis, Digital disruption, Storytelling, Change education.
Dates and location for 2018 to be confirmed, subscribe for updates below.
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Optimise your organisational change.

Featuring over 35 speakers, 27 hours of learning, 25 topics,14 masterclasses, 3 days, 2 networking sessions, an ideas marketplace and a digital showcase to engage learning after the event.

2018 dates and location to be confirmed. Subscribe below for updates.


Connect with like-minded peers outside of a work setting.


Pop into one of 5 masterclasses with 10 different tutors.


Your real world experience with your peers.


Access recent research from our academic presenters.


Your assumptions about leading change.


Increase your understanding of what a successful change project looks like.


with professionals from a cross discipline background


your approach to leading your change project.

Convergence launched in 2016 to much acclaim. Designed for anyone dealing with organisational, programme or project-level change, Convergence is the Asia–Pacific’s only dedicated change management conference.

Over two days.

Plus on the third day a limited attendee intensive…

We’ll be smashing down the boundaries between sectors and exploring the latest and greatest ways to design and deliver change.

Connect, collaborate and share.

Connect with fellow travellers across a diverse range of disciplines. Share insights and war stories, and discover new ways to collaborate. Join expert-led workshops and masterclasses to learn about the latest global developments in leadership, complexity, innovation and a whole lot of other good stuff.

Drive effective change.

At the end of it, you’ll walk away with all the knowledge, tools and professional connections you need to drive effective change in the 21st century.

We thank our major sponsor – Synergy – and our supporters – the Change Management Institute, Helmsman International, Ralleo, Business Brain Mapping, Being Human, Institute of Management and Ignite for their support of our event.



Go to the photo gallery to see just come of Convergence 2017’s highlights.

New session revealed - the magic of change!

We seriously are in love with the Masterchef and the mystery box challenge. Those amazing chefs delivering an outstanding meal in a limited time. So we took that challenge and applied it to Convergence. Our mystery box chef for day two is well known Change Magician… drum roll please….. Haydn Thomas of Mindavation!

Last year Haydn’s session was about intelligent disobedience and it was a packed event. This year Haydn is going to reveal the secrets behind the magic of change. How do you create the effortless look of change management to your employees? What are the tricks you can use to artfully manage your stakeholders and those difficult executives? Super excited to see what secrets Haydn can reveal to cook up your own amazing organisational change!

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Helmsman International special offer to Convergence participants

Helmsman International, in partnership with Convergence Australia are offering a complimentary Complexity Assessment to conference attendees post conference, valued at more than $2,000 per person. The assessment provide the recipient with an analysis of the complexity of their project. This is one of the key elements to undertaking a full Project Performance Diagnostic. After the event, attendees will be able to register on Helmsman’s Convergence Partnership page, and they will be in touch with all the details to complete the Complexity Assessment.

A little more information about the Project Performance Diagnostic

Developed through research undertaken by Helmsman International in partnership with the University of Technology Sydney, the diagnostic reviewed more than 1,000 projects, collecting  and statistically analysing a substantial set of data to determine the critical factors that impact major project success. Unsurprisingly, more than half of these critical factors were ‘soft’ factors heavily influenced by change management. Helmsman’s collaboration with University of Technology in Sydney was also supported by broad industry participation and an Australian Research Council grant. The value of the Project Performance Diagnostic is that it allows senior leaders to objectively measure project complexity and put in place management controls to address areas of risk.

We welcome Helmsman International to Convergence Australia 2017.


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Convergence gains international recognition!

We are gaining recognition with both the Change Management Review and now Project Management Daily, based out of New York, promoting Convergence Australia 2017 internationally in their newsletters.

Change Management Review™ is an information resource for professionals working with organizational change. Founded in 2014 by Theresa Moulton, Change Management Review™ brings together professionals who work with organizational change—both academic research and real-world practices—through integrated global perspectives.

Getting Asia Pacific change managers and activists onto the global map has been a key focus for Convergence. We’re very proud of the talent we have in the Southern Hemisphere and will continue our work on promoting our expertise at an international level.

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Katrina Boyle shares white paper

We have some amazing speakers on board for our 3 day event.  Katrina Boyle attended our inaugural event last year and we were so blown away by her questions and insights we asked her to present at 2017 and she agreed! Katrina has shared with us her latest white paper ahead of her presentation on the Leadership day. She kindly agreed that we could link it onto our news feed for some reading to get you thinking ahead of the event.

Welcome back as a speaker Katrina!  We are delighted to have you at Convergence 2017.

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Welcome to Change Management Institute members!

We are delighted to announce that the Change Management Institute (CMI) is supporting this event. If you are a member of the CMI, you will receive an email in February with fantastic discounts off ticket prices. This offer is restricted to CMI members, so if you are thinking of coming to Convergence and want to continue to build your networks and knowledge, join the CMI today.

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Dealing effectively with disruption

Read about how Convergence 2017 is going to help you deal with disruption, complexity and collaboration.

B2B Magazine December 2016

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Why an event on change?

“I was hunting around for more education on change management. There are a lot of training organisations, offering different methodologies around change.” Sonia Irwin was studying a Masters in environmental science at ANU Crawford School at the time. She was fascinated why climate change was not getting the traction needed and the resistance to the change. It was in a semester about the Paris CoP21 treaties, that Sonia had her ‘A-ha’ moment’.

B2B Magazine November 2016

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Transformation or change - Convergence Australia 2016

We came. We engaged. We walked away more enlightened.
Convergence – Optimising your organisational change – held in April 2016, was launched at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra to an 80 strong participant group from around the country.

B2B Magazine June 2016

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Download the full program outlining speakers, panels, workshops and schedules. 2018 Program to be released in the next quarter.

The world is changing fast – in technology, in politics and in society. That means we’ve got some big challenges and awesome opportunities ahead of us. And by extending our thinking, we can take advantage and make positive change stick.

Our Convergence Conference 2017 program runs for two days.  We’ve made it easy for you to choose what you want to learn about, and we’ve created it to offer you flexibility and value while ensuring you get time to connect with our change community.

Day 1:
Accept the leadership challenge

We know that being a change leader is hard. So we’ve convened a diverse group of leadership experts and wise heads to tackle your trickiest questions around making change stick. It’s a day of interacting as well as listening, so make sure you come armed with plenty of questions.

Speakers include Kim Moeller from Synergy Group, Enrique Ugarte from Helmsman International talking about complexity and Professor Giles Hirst giving you the latest research on leadership. You will hear from Martin Brooker, a previous Naval Commodore and military strategist talking about courage under fire.

At the Ideas Marketplace you can find out more about the speakers and sponsors and, more importantly, work out exactly what you and your organisation need to do next. End-of-day drinks offers the chance to connect with your peers.

Who should attend?

Current and emerging leaders, as well as anyone wanting to influence their leadership.

Key highlights

Tim Longhurst, the opening speaker helps connect your change tribe while bringing you up to speed on disruptions and trends around the world. Another highlight is the panel headed up by Ginger Gorman, a fearless social journalist with an amazing backstory that highlights how poorly managed change impacts employees. Ginger will be working with the panel to tackle the concepts of collaboration and harmonisation.

Day 2:
Sharpen your capability

When it comes to change management, there’s always more to learn. Luckily, our community is full of incredible speakers and presenters who really know their way around change. Joe Hutton of Ralleo will open the day by giving you his thoughts on working with senior executives. Then, speakers from around Australia share their insights in 14 masterclasses on a huge range of topics – business benefits realisation (courtesy of Synergy Group), change methodology updates, neuroscience, motivation and teams, collaboration tools, innovation action, storytelling, agile change, business analysis and more. You will chat to Tiffany Grey who is going to map how your brain works!

Who should attend?

Day 2 is for anyone who wants to learn more about the elements of successful organisational change, expand their knowledge and their connections.

Key highlights

Zoe Routh, Colin Ellis and Christina Dean – these three are leaders in their respective fields and are published authors in their own right. See the program for other highlights.

Day 3:

We are excited to launch Convergence Intensive – a separate workshop day where you can really deep dive into some great topics from speakers who were phenomenal at Convergence 2016.  We like to think of this workshop series as enhancing your defenses!

You know that change management requires a range of skills that aren’t always readily available as a course or learning intention – resilience and courageous leadership are two that come to mind. So we asked Haydn Thomas of Mindavation, John Prentice of Change Enablement, Cris Popp of Popp Performance and Kim Moeller of Synergy Group to come back from Convergence 2016 and spend the day with you.

These workshops are limited, in that we will only accept small numbers to ensure you can spend the day with the presenters in a very focused way. If you like what is on offer, get in quick as there are only 20 places available for each course.

Check out the program for more information.



Download the full speakers bio. 2018 Speakers to be revealed in the next quarter.

Reasons for change management failure:


Employee resistance.


No support from management.


Inadequate resources.


Other obstacles.

McKinsey Quarterly Transformation Executive Survey 2008: Next Gen PMO KIP Team



Download the full program outlining speakers, panels, workshops and schedules. 2018 details are to be released in the next quarter.

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Venue & Dates

National Museum Australia
Lawson Cres
Action Peninsula
Canberra ACT 2601


Convergence Conference – Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th March 2017

Convergence Intensive – Thursday 9th March, 2017

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