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Can’t get to Melbourne or Canberra in 2018? We have a number of options available to bring Convergence to you and your organisation.

Our Convergence Library allows you to:
– Subscribe to our video channel for 2018 keynotes.
– Get up to speed by diving into our keynotes from 2016 and 2017.
– Use our video subscription service to educate your staff on topics of change.

We can also bring you in-house events to help your organisation with change and build momentum for your in-house organisational change team:

– Book a convergence event as a kick off for your next large scale program.
– Learn from our Master Trainer with our “Team Futures” program which helps your team build a future that supports change.
– Mentoring and skill development from our network of experts.

For our Change Masters, we know how good you are! So we’ve designed a new set of facilitation photocards to support your engagement activities.

Tim Longhurst

Disruption 2016

Enrique Ugarte

Complexity 2017

Tim Longhurst

Business Trends 2017

Zoe Routh

Influence 2017


Collaboration 2017

Michelle Austin

Future of Change 2017

Martin Brooker

Courage 2017

Katrina Boyle

VUCA 2017

Joe Hutton

Change Tools 2017

Giles Hirst

Leadership Change 2017

Colin D Ellis

Project Management 2017

Christina Dean

People Capability 2017


Lenses of Change 2016

Giles Hirst

Leadership Trends 2016

Cris Popp

Resilience 2016

Ginger Gorman

People Impact Story 2017



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Monday 20th August 2018

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