“Whose Change Is It Anyway?”

Melbourne – 23rd to 24th April 2018

Asia-Pacific’s Only Dedicated Change Management Conference

Melbourne Australia | 23 to 24 April 2018

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Designed for anyone dealing with organisation, programme or project level change, Convergence Australia is Asia-Pacific’s only dedicated change management conference. Now in it’s 3rd year, Convergence is asking “Whose Change Is It Anyway?”. Answering this question will be leading international and Australian Change Practitioners in keynotes, workshops and seminars. Not to be missed by anyone dealing in Change.


Connect with like-minded peers outside of a work setting.


Attend masterclasses for intensive learning.


Share your real world experience with your peers.


Access recent research from our academic presenters.


Challenge your assumptions about leading change.


Grow your understanding of successful change projects.


Network with professionals from a cross discipline background


Grow in how you lead change projects.



Zoë is the author of 2 books including ‘Composure – How Centered Leaders Make The Biggest Impact’. She has spent the last thirty years showing teams how to work better together.


Jen is the founder of Conversations of Change and a world leading organisational change expert. She was listed in Change Management Review’s 5 Next Generation Thought Leaders & Change Source’s the Top 20 Change Visionaries.


Stephen is the author of Emergent—Ignite Purpose | Transform Culture | Make Change Stick – an essential guide for making a difference. He has two decades of experience in global business.


Angela’s firm’s clients include 25% of the Forbes Top 100 largest global companies. She is the author of, among other things, ‘How to Measure Your Communication Programs’. Her work has been recognised with 21 international awards.


Dr Allen completed his doctorate in educational psychology, where he studied how the human brain receives, processes and recalls information. He has spent more than 30 years’ presenting, explaining the implications of the latest cognitive theories.


Haydn has over 20 years in management, portfolio, program and project management, business analysis and consulting.



Download the full program outlining speakers, panels, workshops and schedules.


The world is changing fast – in technology, in politics and in society. That means we’ve got some big challenges and awesome opportunities ahead of us. And by extending our thinking, we can take advantage of disruption and make positive change stick.

Whose change is it anyway will take you on the journey of how to build a people movement, sharpening your understanding of who’s involved, tackle the challenge of when leaders go missing in action, keeping your people engaged through the disruption, how to tackle teaching new capability and finally bringing it all together into your professional practice.

Our Convergence Conference 2018 program runs for two days with six keynotes and over 20 masterclasses. We also are excited to offer a half day workshop with our international communications expert – Angela Sinikas – if you want to deep dive into audience research.

We’ve made it easy for you to choose what you want to learn about, and we’ve created it to offer you flexibility and value while ensuring you get time to connect with our change community. You will walk away with presentations, videos, and the opportunity to connect with your fellow travelers long after the event through our participants portal.

If you can’t get to Melbourne, we have keynote videos available for purchase after the event. This provides you with access to leading edge thinkers perspectives on ‘whose change is it anyway’.

We’re delighted to announce our 2018 program and hope that you will join us in tackling ‘whose change is it anyway’.


Featuring over 30 speakers, over 20 masterclasses and 2 networking sessions over 2 days, Convergence Australia provides a fertile environment for you to continue your development and extend your thinking. 

Topics include: – Leading Change – Project Management – New Change Methodology – Employee Engagement – Neuroscience – Collaboration – Digital Change Tools – User Experience – Innovation Implementation – Audience Research – Change Governance – Unconscious Bias – Risk Management – Stakeholder Engagement – Business Analysis – Adult Education – Future of Work To see how this year’s conference will benefit you please download the program.



Download the full program outlining speakers, panels, workshops and schedules.

Thank you to our Sponsor

The Change Management Institute

The Change Management Institute is proud to sponsor and support the 2018 Convergence Conference.

CMI is committed to assisting our members develop their change capability, credibility and connections in pursuit of their professional excellence. Our globally connected network brings some of the world’s most cutting edge and experienced change practitioners together to continue raising bar around our profession.

It is our mission to keep pushing the boundaries of change and love nothing more than solid debate, provoking thought, and inspiring our minds around the possibilities of change in business, society, and individually.

With that, CMI is delighted to be part of the 2018 Convergence Conference for this very reason and look forward to the fascinating insights from the speakers. There are a number of CMI representatives present so if you’d like to learn more about us, keep an eye out for us.

Enjoy the conference!

Thank you to our Sponsor

Redgrass Communications

The Convergence event was created by Redgrass Communications Pty Ltd, a boutique change communications organisation. They are known for working with clients to help transition their staff, stakeholders and audiences from an old state into a new paradigm.

Redgrass primarily focuses on public sector organisations and not for profits and happily engage with the business world to bring new ideas on how to get change right for the community.

Their founder, Sonia Irwin, is a committee member of the ACT Chapter of the Change Management Institute, a board member of the Warehouse Circus, a not-for-profit that teaches kids circus skills amongst other things, and a board member of the Women in Information Communications, a not-for-profit focused on promoting women in STEM subjects.

The Convergence Australia event primary purpose is to help teach people about change and make organisational change easier.

Their goal is to help the world change to be a better place. That starts with you.

Thank you to our Sponsor


Ralleo is an organisational change management software solution, helping businesses to better manage change.

Ralleo was founded on the premise of rate and volume of changes in organisations are increasing, yet the solutions used to manage these changes, remain constant. Ralleo’s vision is to develop great software that helps people better understand and manage change in their organisation.

Ralleo is a robust software platform built using a design centric approach, the latest technology and know-how of change management. This solution is built for individuals leading, managing and delivering change in organisations, it is software designed by people for people.


Designed to cross boundaries between sectors and bring together all forms of professional disciplines, Convergence attracts a wide variety of both industry and seniority. At Convergence you can connect with your peers, share insights, discover new ways to collaborate and also fulfil professional development objectives by attending expert-led workshops and masterclasses. Some areas of practice are below, please note this list is not comprehensive: – Change management – Project Management – Learning and training – Stakeholder engagement – Business management – User experience and analysis

Businesses participated to date

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If you are keen to find out about group or organisational discounts, please contact us for more details on how we can support your community to attend.


Can’t get to Melbourne in 2018? We have a number of options available to bring Convergence to you and your organisation. Our Convergence Library allows you to: – Subscribe to our video channel for 2018 keynotes. – Get up to speed by diving into our keynotes from 2016 and 2017. – Use our video subscription service to educate your staff on topics of change. We can also bring you in-house events to help your organisation with change and build momentum for your in-house organisational change team: – Book a convergence event as a kick off for your next large scale program. – Learn from our Master Trainer with our “Team Futures” program which helps your team build a future that supports change. – Mentoring and skill development from our network of experts. For our Change Masters, we know how good you are! So we’ve designed a new set of facilitation photocards to support your engagement activities. Contact us!


If you have any questions about being a part of Convergence please get in contact via the form or follow us on social media.



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Convergence Conference – Monday 23rd & Tuesday 24th April 2018

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